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We are a startup company with one simple goal: to make robots our everyday companions.


We believe the potential of the robotics industry remains vastly untapped. From the first humanoid robot, introduced in 1920s, all the way to our days, robots have mostly been novelty items. Most of us still view them as cool toys -- hardly practical or affordable.


We’d like to change that perception. Today’s technology (hardware and software) is advanced enough, reliable, and highly accessible to allow us to create dependable and intelligent robots to serve in a variety of fields. Our robots are practical, self-learning machines that are very easy to use for people with minimal technical knowledge.


Our first robot, Ricky, is designed for the healthcare market. Ricky helps kids with autism learn about the world around them, and teaches them to actively participate in it. Our future robots will also be available for the educational market, to serve as teachers’ aids for kids of all levels.


Our team of engineers, programmers, and business professionals are working hard to create useful, fun and affordable robots to help kids learn at their own pace. We firmly believe that the robotics technology should be accessible to everyone.

Autism Facts

Basic Stats

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects about 1 in 88 US children (CDC, 2012).
    • The number has grown 78% since 2000.
  • About 1% of all children in the world are affected.


  • Many kids with autism have average, or above average intellectual abilities, but they have trouble understanding our social norms and the structure of the world around them.
  • Without treatment, they can’t read our facial expressions, body language, and other subtle “clues” that make our life in the society possible. 
  • A study has shown that in certain cases autism can be overcome, if the treatment is started early enough.  (Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Feb. 2013)


  • Autism therapy sessions are not inexpensive:
    • “…intensive behavioral interventions for children with ASDs cost $40,000 to $60,000 per child per year.” (The Economic Costs of Autism: A review., Autism Spectrum Disorders, Oxford: Oxford University Press, May 2011)
  • However, today, 34 states in the US have a provision requiring certain insurance companies to cover all or some costs of therapy sessions: http://www.asha.org/Advocacy/state/States-Specific-Autism-Mandates/%23ct


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Robots and Autism

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Our Team

Ralph Morin

Founder, CEO

Carol Erickson

Vice President

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